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From A.G. in Encinitas, Mar. 2019:

'I hired Claudia to design an entirely new front yard for me. She immediately understood what I wanted and designed a beautiful front yard that included elements I hadn’t considered. Her design was incredibly detailed and included very specific information that helped during the building process. Her customer service was terrific. She would periodically check in with me during the building and offer assistance. She also did the plant placement personally. I ended up with the front yard of my dreams."

From J.S. in Carlsbad, Nov. 2018:

"Claudia was wonderful to work with in all ways. We found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. Before beginning, she made sure that she had a good idea of what we had in mind design-wise as well as for our budget. Her suggestions were excellent and when we needed to change plans, she was very accommodating and flexible. Claudia supervised all of the work and selected the plants that went into our yard. We couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome!"

From D.G. in Encinitas, July 2017:

"Claudia was a pleasure to work with! She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. She asked many questions to help us formulate a vision for our backyard landscaping, then came up with a plan that we loved and that incorporates hearty, drought-tolerant plants. Claudia recommended contractors and local retailers when needed, all of whom provided excellent service and products. For anyone looking to redo landscaping, we highly, highly recommend working with Claudia!"

From D.S. in La Costa, July 2017:

"After redoing our front yard about 3 times over the past 23+ years, we were ready for a total change... and with drought conditions, no more lawn. Claudia listened to our "wish list" and recommended design ideas that include our new, usable flagstone patio area, a dry creek, and beautiful tree & plant suggestions. She provided several computer generated drawings that helped us to see the layout and planting ideas before the work began. We are extremely happy with her professional work and her knowledgeable expertise and advice in all aspects of our project."

From C.N. in La Costa Valley, March 2017:

"Last year, my grass was dead. So dead that it was like cement. The plants were yellow and the only live plants came from my neighbors' yards.

We hired Claudia Kuepper to come up a plan for our yard after meeting with her and telling her all of our hopes and dreams. She listened attentively and made lots of notes. She does hardscape, lighting, water features, etc. She's the full package. She also provides all the blueprints for your HOA and provides copies of the items selected for the HOA. Claudia also followed up with the city to verify setback requirements. 

A few weeks later we met with Claudia again where she presented three different plans for us including pictures of what she was thinking so that we could have a visual. In the end, my husband and I agreed on the idea we loved best and now that the job has been finished, I could not be happier. I am over the moon with happiness over my yard.  If you're looking for someone who has incredible plant knowledge, vision, follow-through, good taste, patience, and is a stickler for the details, look no further than Claudia Kuepper. She is communicative and thorough. She loves what she does and it shows. Claudia even showed up several times when my husband and I had to make changes on the fly. My yard is small but it feels so much larger because of Claudia and her space planning abilities. My husband and I sit outside every single day now (when it's not raining) and listen to our burbling urn and enjoy the hummingbirds who now come to visit the plants appropriate for our area, expertly selected by Claudia based on what we like. We finally love our yard after 18 1/2 years of being in our home!

A true professional! Thank you so much, Claudia!"

From D.L. in Vista, CA, March 2016:

"Words can't describe the transformation of our new home thanks to the talents of Claudia! We purchased our new home because of the wonderful view, unfortunately the previous owner had planted an abundance of Juniper trees and shrubs, pine trees and old dying grass. The front courtyard was a mess, cracked concrete and sloped to the house, planters up against the stucco, it was truly horrible. To the rescue Gardenscapes by Claudia! I have seen many of Claudia's designs in the past, and hired her to help us achieve a drought tolerant but colorful landscape, with a few palms to add interest. She spent time with us discussing what we were envisioning, show us pictures of different plants she recommended, and presented us with a great design. We hired a contractor she recommended (interviewed 3 total) and he was fantastic as well. The end result is fabulous and we are more than thrilled with the design and results! I would highly recommend Claudia at Gardenscapes by Claudia if you are considering sprucing up your yard, or a total re-haul!"

From C.S. in Carlsbad, CA, Nov. 2015:

"We needed assistance is selecting drought resistance plants that accomplished erosion, shade, privacy and beauty in our front and back yard. We desired a palette that reflected a mix of colors, heights and textures. We also wanted to create an inviting area for our teens without adding a pool or spa. In sum, we needed Claudia! She was very easy to work with, helped us stay within our budget and created a plan that the whole family loves! She was involved in the construction as well, communicating with our contractor as changes came up and ensuring a smooth process. She has checked on us twice since project completion to see how the plants are maturing and how we are enjoying the results!"

From L.M. in Carlsbad, CA, Sept. 2015:

"Loved the design process with Claudia and over the moon with the results! We embarked upon our project with an environmental agenda to reduce our water usage. Admittedly knowing very little about horticulture or landscape design, we relied on Claudia to guide us through the process of discovering our tastes as she worked to create the perfect landscape for us within our budget. The outcome surpassed our every expectation and we are simply beyond pleased. Nothing better than pulling up to your home and thinking, "Ah, that's my home!" Call her. You won't be sorry."

From C.D. in Encinitas, CA, May 2015:

"Claudia is so talented, so knowledgeable and so delightful to work with. She turned our boring and diseased back slope around our pool from a sloppy mess of ice plant and oleander "freeway bushes" into an orderly and beautiful landscape using native low-water plants and converting our sprinkler system to drip irrigation. She added a lot of LED landscape lights and it is a beauty to behold day and night! Claudia is amazing!"

From J.C. in Carlsbad, CA, July 2015:

"I found Claudia's knowledge of the unique challenges of landscaping a hillside to be very valuable. Her design and plant selection talents show in the plans she prepared for me and her client service is really excellent as well. Got a great plan and even better client service! The color renderings really bring things to life! And the contractor recommendations fill a big void in getting the project done. Thanks, Claudia!"

From L.N. in Olivenhain, CA, May 2015:

"Simply put....a classy, professional and talented landscape designer!"

From J.K. in Aviara/Carlsbad, CA, October 2015:

"Because we no longer needed an expanse of grass for children’s play, and because that grass, with water restrictions, had become more patchy than pastoral, it was time for a complete makeover. Claudia talked to us in depth about what we were trying to achieve, took our fragmented thoughts, and ultimately developed a beautiful, coherent vision of what our backyard could become. Throughout the process, Claudia more than earned my unofficial moniker for her, “the plant lady.” To say that Claudia knows and loves plants is an understatement – she can provide a seemingly endless list of suggestions that consider sun exposure, water use, desired colors, textures, growth heights and spread, etc. Claudia is enthusiastic, actually listens to her clients, gives her opinions but is never pushy, and is endlessly patient. She is a true professional in the manner in which she develops a schedule and communicates with her clients. With her plan in hand, we were able to get bids from contractors and compare apples-to-apples, making that choice considerably easier and no doubt saving us a lot of money. We are way beyond pleased with what Claudia did for our backyard – she transformed it from an eyesore to an oasis."

From C.C. in Solana Beach, CA, October 2012:

"Claudia recently helped us with our backyard re-design landscape project. She listened to our ideas and put together a design for new plants and trees that fit well into our exiting landscape and turned out beautiful. Claudia was dependable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone planning a landscape design project."

From G.B. in Carlsbad, CA, September 2012:

"Claudia transformed uplifted our very nice garden into a stunning canvas of natures finest works. Every section of the landscape could be featured in magazine. We highly recommend Claudia."